Port Fees

Annual Moorage Rates (Resolution 2014-01)

G-Dock 28 stalls, G-08 to G-35 $400
E-Dock (inside) 33 stalls, E-35 to E-67 Inside $500
E-Dock (outside) 34 stalls, E-01 to E-34 Outside $613
C/D-Docks 68 stalls $845
F-Dock 34 stalls $1,123
CH-Dock 17 stalls, CH-01 to CH-17 Charter $1,354
CH-Dock 10 stalls, CH-18 to CH-27 Sport $1,354
B-Dock 30 stalls, B-01 to B-30 $1,071
A-Dock 23 stalls, A-01 to A-23 $1,179

NOTE: All boats over 40′ will be charged $5.00 per foot over 40′.

Moorage rates are subject to annual review by commissioners and are usually updated 3% annually.

Garibaldi Marina Annual Moorage

Sport Slips

Sport slips are available through waiting list. Renewals occur in August.

Sport Slips Port of Garibaldi harbor
G-Dock 28 slips with 16′ fingers, no utilities. Up to 18′ boats.
E-Dock – (inside) 33 slips, 16′ fingers, water only. 18′ x 8′ max. boats.
E-Dock – (outside) 34 slips, 18′ fingers, water only. 20′ x 8′ max. boats.
C/D-Docks 68 slips, 24′ fingers, water & power. Up to 25′ x 8 ½’ max. boats.
F-Dock 34 slips, 40′ fingers, water & power. For 25′ – 40′ vessels, max. width is 12′.
CH-Dock 10 slips with 40x 4′ fingers, power/water. 40′ vessels up to 13′ wide.

Commercial Slips

Commercial slips are available through waiting list.

CH-Dock 17 charter slips with 40′ x 10′ fingers. Power & Water. 40′ vessels up to 13′ wide.
B-Dock 30 commercial slips with power & water. For boats 12′ width max.
A-Dock 23 commercial slips with power & water.
A-01 to A-18 is for 16′ wide boats.
A-19 to A-23 is for 18′ to 22′ wide boats.
Commercial Slips Port of Garibaldi Harbor


The Port of Garibaldi utilizes a waiting list for filling vacant annual moorage slips. These slips become available when a current annual moorage holder releases a slip.

If you are interested in becoming an annual moorage holder and would like to be placed on the moorage wait list, fill out the below listed wait list application form. Return this form along with $100.00 to The Port Of Garibaldi office. Your $100.00 deposit will go towards your first years moorage when you are pulled from the list. There is a $10.00 yearly retention fee to continue to stay on the list. For more information please contact the Port office at (503) 322-3292.

Garibaldi Marina Waitlist