Guest Moorage

Guest moorage is available on a first come first serve basis. We do not make reservations or hold spaces for guest boats. If space is available, guest boats may side tie on the guest dock, which has 300′ of space, or at the end of C/D DOCK, F/CH DOCK, OR A/B DOCK. Please see Map of Harbor for the above listed spaces.


All motorists are required to fill out the guest moorage agreement form within 2 hours of arrival. Please return this form and payment to the port office, or it can be placed in one of the metal guest moorage boxes located at the tops of the docks.

New Rates for Guest Moorage Effective March 31, 2015

Daily Rates

  • Up to 30 feet$20
  • 31 feet - 40 feet$25
  • 41 feet – 50 feet$30
  • 51 feet – 60 feet$40
  • 61 feet – 70 feet$50
  • 71 feet – 80 feet$60
  • 81 feet and over$70

Weekly Rates (after 2 weeks rate will convert to monthly moorage rate)

  • Up to 30 feet$120.00
  • 31 feet and over$150.00

Monthly Rates

  • Up to 30 feet$400.00
  • 31 feet and over$475.00

Season Pass (Six-month passes start May 1st and November 1st. Paid in advance.)

  • Up to 30 feet$850.00
  • 31 feet – 60 feet$1,100.00
  • 61 feet and over$1,500.00