Pump Out Service

  • Per vessel plus employee hourly labor wages and wage additive expenses (i.e. sinking boats)$100

Emergency Storage Fee

  • Per day billed as guest. For vehicles, boats or trailers prior to being considered unclaimed property in possession (ORS 98.245) Charge for improper use of parking lot (i.e. boat repair)$20

Crane Rates

  • Per hour billing by vessel or user$60
  • Each additional hour after first use$45
  • Minimum usage of ½ hour$30

Crab Pot Storage (annual cost per pot by square footage available)

  • Per square foot (2nd year)$ 0.38
  • Deposit for crab pot storage20%
  • Per year increase for the first five (5) years$.03

Staff Hourly Rate

  • Operating equipment, cleaning lots etc.$40
Port of Garibaldi Harbor Services